With every litter we look to keep one puppy for future showing and breeding. Because we don’t want to keep a whole bunch of dogs in our home, we’re always looking for a good home elsewhere. The pup would then be placed there in co-ownership. Ideally this wouldn’t be very far from our own location, primarily for logistical reasons.

If you’re interested in becoming a co-owner, feel free to contact us via email to discuss the terms and agreements.

Sad news

Sadly we lost one puppy last night. A once strong puppy that grew just as well as the rest suddenly had a stomach ache so bad that she didn’t want to drink anymore.
We did all we could to help her but it just wasn’t enough.

Rest in peace, Juventas of Laelaps!

Puppies are born!

It was a long night, and a bit of a scary morning, but luckily everything was alright in the end. Genesis of Laelaps, a.k.a. “Patch”, has given birth to 7 beautiful puppies!
She had already been in labour all afternoon, evening and night, but nothing was happening. So it ultimately had to be a C-section.

Mother and pups are doing well. Obviously we haven’t slept much yet, so the pictures aren’t of the best quality. We promise to provide more and better pictures soon! Sleep first!!

Pregnancy Confirmed

We are very excited to be able to say that Genesis of Laelaps, a.k.a. “Patch”, is pregnant!

This means that we will be expecting puppies about a month from now.


Genesis of Laelaps has now been covered and is back home with her co-owners. We are keeping everything crossed that we were successful and see some puppies at the ultrasound in 4 weeks!

All ears hear!

We are happy to say that all the puppies have been BAER-tested and no anomolies have been found.

As we always say; we proove they can hear, but we don’t promise they will listen.

Litter picture by Alice van Kempen

Litter picture for our latest litter; I.

Like with every litter, we invite a photographer to come and take pictures of all the puppies. This time we are blessed as Alice van Kempen was kind enough to volunteer her time.

The line-up picture is one of our trademarks and we’re especially pleased with this one.