Litter Announcement

We are proud to announce our next breeding, from which we will be expecting puppies mid July. Puppies will be allowed to leave the nest around beginning of September.

Puppies are born!

We’re very excited to tell you that last night puppies were born out of Fortuna of Laelaps x Skylarks Reflection of Magic.

A total of 7 puppies (2 bitches, 5 dogs) were born. Mother and pups are doing great.

Galahad of Laelaps looking for a new home.

We are looking for a new ‘forever’¬†family for Galahad of Laelaps, born 22nd of May 2018, due to a mismatch with his previous owners. He is a good boy, but will challenge you a lot. Therefore we are looking for an experienced person with a lot of time, without small children. Galahad has been taking part in a heart study by Dr. H. Van Meeuwen, which means he has been dopplered at 6, 9 and 12 weeks and at ~6 months old. We prefer that he continues to be part of the study, which means he would also be tested at 1 and 1,5 years old. He is also BAER tested and fully vaccinated.

Galahad of Laelaps at 5,5 months old.

If interested please contact us by sending an email.

Sad news

Yesterday we received some very sad news;
Eurydice of Laelaps, a.k.a. “Dewi”, had to be put to sleep due to a heart defect.
We are struck with sadness and extend our deepest sympathies to the owners.

We always try to do everything in our power to prevent such sickness by testing the breeding animals via Doppler. After Dewi showed signs of her illness, she was immediately tested by a specialist; Dr. H. van Meeuwen.

Dr. Van Meeuwen is currently running a study of heart defects in bullterriers that aims to develop a DNA test to determine hereditary heart defects in bullterriers. It is our hope that she will be able to use the materials she got from the examination to further her research. Because, for us, it would be the only solace we can get out of Dewi’s early demise.

Sweet dreams lovely girl.

BAER testing

Today our G-litter was tested on their hearing through the BAER-test. We’re happy to be able to say that all pups are hearing with both ears.

Puppies are born!

We are super happy to be able to tell you that 6 healthy puppies were born today;

We welcome to the world;
Guinevere (white bitch)

Galatea (white bitch with brindle ears)

Galahad (red male)

Gawain (black brindle male)

Gamora (black brindle bitch)

Genesis (white bitch with eye-spot)