Of Laelaps Reunion 2021

Hello everyone,

Finally we’re ready to announce that our annual Of Laelaps Reünie will be happening on the 24th of October! (Unless the rules change again…)

We have found a nice location where we can play games and have a bite to eat afterwards.

The program will be as follows;

14.00 h – Reception with a drink
14.30 h – Start games
(for example; agility, dress up, crate-run, frog leap)
17.00 h – BBQ (optional)

Please let us know if you’d like to join on the BBQ, because we have to reserve in advance. (Expenses are € 20,- per person (children for half price.)

We hope you’re just as excited as us!

Let’s just hope we’re lucky with the weather!!

Best wishes,
Of Laelaps Bullterriers

NBTC Young Dog Day & KCM

Today was the yearly Young Dog Day organised by the N.B.T.C.
Since a couple of years, this day is combined with the ‘Championship Club Match’.
Of course we were there to show off our beautiful youngsters from recent litters.

Isidro of Laelaps on his first show ever.

Most proud we are of Isidro of Laelaps, a.k.a. “Ozzy”, who won his class on both the Young Dog Day and the Clubmatch.

Awaiting cover

Genesis of Laelaps

Genesis of Laelaps, a.k.a. “Patch”, has arrived at our home because she’s in heat.
We will be covering her as soon as possible and hopefully we will be expecting puppies this summer.

Anyone interested in buying a puppy from us can send us an email with a summary of why they’d like to get a bullterrier, and what their personal circumstances are (home/work/family).
Be aware though that we work with a waiting list, which is currently quite long already.

Heimdal of Laelaps needs a new home

Due to some serious health issues (and an expected lengthy revalidation period) Heimdal’s (a.k.a. Jannes) current owners have asked us to find him a more suitable home.

Jannes is 8 months old and has only been at our house and his current owners. He does not have behavioural issues, but is a young dog full of energy and undergoing to issues of life that we call ‘puberty’.

Unfortunately, Jannes does have some health issues of his own as well. He’s deaf on one ear and has a medium form of aortic stenosis. This has been determined by a specialist, and will need monitoring as he grows. (Probably one or two more Doppler test until the age of 2 years.)

It’s imperative to us and his current owners that anyone willing to take Jannes in realises what they’re getting themselves into in order to give him a definite forever home.

For further information and/or questions, please contact us via email.

We’ve moved house!

It was a long time coming, but now it has actually happened; We’ve moved house!
We now live in Moergestel (NLD), which is only a few kilometers from where we used to live, but the surroundings are much more dog-friendly.

We’re all very happy with our new home.

Heimdall has a new home

We’re very glad to have found a perfect new home for little Heimdall.
He’s happily playing with his new friends, Juul & Fons, and their owners.

Heimdall + Juul