Jötunn of Laelaps recovered

After a lot of physical health care we went back to the orthopedic surgeon for a check up of Jötunn’s legs.

Luckily they said his bones have grown together nicely and will likely continue to grow well in the future. His growth discs, which we feared were damaged with the break, seem to not have been affected. This is the best news we’ve had all week!

Front / Side

Now that the puppies are almost 6 weeks old and are about to be chosen by their new owners, we have created some front and side pictures to show them off as perfect as possible.

Justitia of Laelaps

Justitia of Laelaps – Front
Justitia of Laelaps – Side

Jupiter of Laelaps

Jupiter of Laelaps – Front
Jupiter of Laelaps – Side

Juno of Laelaps

Juno of Laelaps – Front
Juno of Laelaps – Side

Jötunn of Laelaps

Jötunn of Laelaps – Front
Jötunn of Laelaps – Side

Jocaste of Laelaps

Jacoste of Laelaps – Front
Jacoste of Laelaps – Side

Jasconius of Laelaps

Jasconius of Laelaps – Front
Jasconius of Laelaps – Side

Alice van Kempen

Just as with every litter, we had Alice van Kempen come by between the age of 5 and 6 weeks in order to take some beautiful pictures.

Please enjoy this small selection of forest pictures she made for us.