Unlucky accident

One of our newborns was rather unluckily situated exactly where mommy decided to jump into the puppybox. Normally this isn’t much of a problem, but this time something snapped.
Further investigation at the veterinarian proved that we were dealing with a broken ulna.

Jötunn of Laelaps with broken leg

Off to the specialist we went. Fortunately there is a great orthopedic surgeon nearby. There the bone could be set and splinted. Jötunn is expected to make a full recovery.

NBTC Young Dog Day & KCM

Today was the yearly Young Dog Day organised by the N.B.T.C.
Since a couple of years, this day is combined with the ‘Championship Club Match’.
Of course we were there to show off our beautiful youngsters from recent litters.

Isidro of Laelaps on his first show ever.

Most proud we are of Isidro of Laelaps, a.k.a. “Ozzy”, who won his class on both the Young Dog Day and the Clubmatch.


With every litter we look to keep one puppy for future showing and breeding. Because we don’t want to keep a whole bunch of dogs in our home, we’re always looking for a good home elsewhere. The pup would then be placed there in co-ownership. Ideally this wouldn’t be very far from our own location, primarily for logistical reasons.

If you’re interested in becoming a co-owner, feel free to contact us via email to discuss the terms and agreements.

Sad news

Sadly we lost one puppy last night. A once strong puppy that grew just as well as the rest suddenly had a stomach ache so bad that she didn’t want to drink anymore.
We did all we could to help her but it just wasn’t enough.

Rest in peace, Juventas of Laelaps!