Pregnancy Confirmed

We are very excited to be able to say that Genesis of Laelaps, a.k.a. “Patch”, is pregnant!

This means that we will be expecting puppies about a month from now.


Genesis of Laelaps has now been covered and is back home with her co-owners. We are keeping everything crossed that we were successful and see some puppies at the ultrasound in 4 weeks!

In Memoriam

We are very sad to say that we had to say goodbye to Joyous Ranja Asmoddeus today. She fell a sleep on our couch with her loved ones by her side. In a short time she got a lot worse; her otherwise happy and feisty spirit was gone. We are very happy and proud of all she has given us, being the base of our breeding.
We will always love and miss her!


11.02.2008 – 19.04.2021

Awaiting cover

Genesis of Laelaps

Genesis of Laelaps, a.k.a. “Patch”, has arrived at our home because she’s in heat.
We will be covering her as soon as possible and hopefully we will be expecting puppies this summer.

Anyone interested in buying a puppy from us can send us an email with a summary of why they’d like to get a bullterrier, and what their personal circumstances are (home/work/family).
Be aware though that we work with a waiting list, which is currently quite long already.

All ears hear!

We are happy to say that all the puppies have been BAER-tested and no anomolies have been found.

As we always say; we proove they can hear, but we don’t promise they will listen.

Litter picture by Alice van Kempen

Litter picture for our latest litter; I.

Like with every litter, we invite a photographer to come and take pictures of all the puppies. This time we are blessed as Alice van Kempen was kind enough to volunteer her time.

The line-up picture is one of our trademarks and we’re especially pleased with this one.