Animal Event 2017, Hilvarenbeek

The stand for the Bullterrier breed by N.B.T.C. and M.B.T.V. was chosen as “Best Stand” during this event.
Laura was present as member of the board of M.B.T.V., together with Allegra of Laelaps.

C.E.T.S. 2017

Unfortunately no succes for Daedalus of Laelaps, but luckily plenty for some of his relatives:

Yoeckydoes Pleased to Meet You
Winner youth class bitches and Best Youth in show

Fortuna of Laelaps
3rd place puppy class bitches

Trophy Show 2017, U.K.

Multi-Ch. Daedalus of Laelaps was invited to show for the International Trophy.
There was a lot of interest in him, but the victory was for someone else.

Daedalus of Laelaps UK Trophy Show 2017

Dansk Terrier Klub

The Danish Terrier Club regularly advertises for healthy bullterriers.
We are proud that they’ve chosen to use pictures of our puppies this time.

Aricon Trophy

Allthough the competition was done at an earlier time, Daedalus of Laelaps receive his Aricon Trophy during the Young Dog day of the B.T.R.N.
It was handed to us by “Mr. Aricon“, Eric Stanley, himself!

Onze Hond

Allegra of Laelaps shine on the cover of Onze Hond magazine.

(Click on the image to read the entire article on Bullterriers.)

Prague Dogshow

Praha International Dog Show was a big succes!
Daedalus of Laelaps took the last CACIB necessary for the title of International Champion.
On top of it all, he was also placed 4th in the Terrier Group.