BAER testing

Today our G-litter was tested on their hearing through the BAER-test. We’re happy to be able to say that all pups are hearing with both ears.

Alice for Laelaps Marpet Bull tested clear

We are very happy to announce that we have another fully health tested girl. Alice for Laelaps Marpet Bull is now Baer, Doppler, UPC, pkd and patella tested clear. She is also clear for LAD by parentage.

Puppies are born!

We are super happy to be able to tell you that 6 healthy puppies were born today;

We welcome to the world;
Guinevere (white bitch)

Galatea (white bitch with brindle ears)

Galahad (red male)

Gawain (black brindle male)

Gamora (black brindle bitch)

Genesis (white bitch with eye-spot)

Merlindan Trophy 2017

Urukonda Otilia follows her father’s footsteps by wining the Merlindan Trophy.

We at Of Laelaps want to congratulate her breeders, Ans and Marco van Ballegooyen, and owner, Laura Vos with this marvelous success.

Animal Event 2017, Hilvarenbeek

The stand for the Bullterrier breed by N.B.T.C. and M.B.T.V. was chosen as “Best Stand” during this event.
Laura was present as member of the board of M.B.T.V., together with Allegra of Laelaps.

C.E.T.S. 2017

Unfortunately no succes for Daedalus of Laelaps, but luckily plenty for some of his relatives:

Yoeckydoes Pleased to Meet You
Winner youth class bitches and Best Youth in show

Fortuna of Laelaps
3rd place puppy class bitches