We’ve moved house!

It was a long time coming, but now it has actually happened; We’ve moved house!
We now live in Moergestel (NLD), which is only a few kilometers from where we used to live, but the surroundings are much more dog-friendly.

We’re all very happy with our new home.

Yearly UPC testing

We are very happy to say that Daedalus (6 years), Allegra (10 years) and Joyous Ranja (12 years) have once again passed their yearly UPC tests.

We think it’s safe to say the oldest two do not need re-testing any more. 

Heimdall has a new home

We’re very glad to have found a perfect new home for little Heimdall.
He’s happily playing with his new friends, Juul & Fons, and their owners.

Heimdall + Juul

Heimdal of Laelaps still available

We still have one male puppy available from our latest litter; Heimdal of Laelaps.

Heimdal of Laelaps

He has cochlear unilateral deafness on his white ear, but that doesn’t hold him back at all. He’s a bit of a devil, but very playfull.
If you think he could be a match for you, feel free to contact us for specifics via email.

Puppies are born!

We’re very excited to tell you that last night puppies were born out of Fortuna of Laelaps x Skylarks Reflection of Magic.

A total of 7 puppies (2 bitches, 5 dogs) were born. Mother and pups are doing great.

We’re expecting!

Today we got the good news, the pregnancy of Fortuna of Laelaps “Faya”has been confirmed. We are very much looking forward to the puppies which will be expected beginning of September. Of course we will keep you posted here and on our Of Laelaps Facebook-page!

Echo showing approximately 6 embryo’s.

Premil Petfood for dogs and cats

What started as a search for good kibble for our own dogs, ended up becoming the foundation for an import and distribution company for Premil Petfood.

After having tried several new brands of kibble and continuously being underwhelmed, I continued my search. I regularly saw Premil Petfood pop up in my search and was convinced by my foreign contacts and some other dogbreeders to try it out.

There was just one small problem. It was not yet available in The Netherlands. Of course, that didn’t stop me.
After having tried out this new dogfood, I was convinced that I should try and make it available for other dogowners in The Netherlands. A bunch of emails, preparations and other business issues later I am now at the point where I can proudly say that I’ve made Premil available for anyone in The Netherlands by becoming the official import company for it.

I hope this has sparked your interest and that you’re willing to have a look at my website: www.fetched.nl

UPC test

Today Fortuna of Laelaps had her UPC tested in preparation of her being covered.
We’re happy to announce her values were so low, they couldn’t be measured.

Making her UPC < 0,05.

For more information about UPC values, please have a look here.

International Dogshow Hazerswoude

After his success at the NBTC Open Clubshow in Leiden, Gawain of Laelaps (a.k.a. “Gooz”) was made Best Male today at the International Dogshow in Hazerswoude.
This earned him his first C.A.C. of hopefully many more to come!

On top of that, Genesis of Laelaps (a.k.a. “Patch”) was placed 1VG and Alice for Laelaps Marpetbull (a.k.a. “Zora”) was placed 2EXC, making this a succesfull show for us.